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different cities


Bilbao's main thoroughfare was the estuary, sometimes flat and calm, at other times wild and strong. Life has progressed over the centuries on the shores of this estuary, expanding into the surrounding area, and the buildings along its banks are testament to this growth.


We'll take a look back at the history of Bilbao and its most iconic towns on this fun and original tour. 


You won't want to miss it!


Boat tours of this beautiful estuary, the most extensive in the region with a wealth of stunning landscapes. 


The route covers the area from the Bilbao City Hall to the Abra and back, or from Portugalete to the Bilbao City Hall and back. 


On board, the guide will provide information about the estuary, particularly the buildings and places the boat passes along the route.  


The route, departures and rates vary according to the tour you choose. 


Option 1.  From Portugalete to Bilbao...

The visit can start in the town of Portugalete and end in Bilbao (roundtrip, 120 min.), or you can sail from Bilbao to Portugalete (one way, 60 min). 


The visit can be supplemented with a pintxo tasting and breath-taking views of the Abra from the suspension bridge. 


Option 2.  Bilbao to the Carola crane

This hour-long tour starts at the pier in front of the Bilboa City Hall and sails to the Maritime Museum in Zorrozaurre, where the famous Carola crane is located. 


Option 3.  Bilbao to the Abra 

The tour is similar to Option 2 but lasts 120 minutes and you'll get to sail the Abra and see Las Arenas (the sand dunes) and the spectacular stately buildings along the shore, the beach and the awe-inspiring suspension bridge. 


It is important to confirm dates and availability prior to purchase.


- Accompanied by a certified local guide

- Small groups

- Boat ticket



According to the option chosen

All year

We adapt to all schedules. 

We suggest: 

Consult according to the option chosen


Spanish, English, Basque

   - Bridge of Vizcaya

   - Casco Viejo of Bilbao

   - Ensanche of Bilbao

   - Gastronomic tour through the Casco Viejo