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General conditions of Explora-Norte, let yourself be guided!

1. Identifying data of the owner of the website

Explora-Norte, Déjate guiar!
Calle Iparragirre, 54, 2ºC
48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)
CIF.- E95816450
E-mail: info@exploranorte.com
Tfno: 679 593 168

2. Introduction

The present Legal Notice only and exclusively regulates the navigation of the user through this website of Explora-Norte.

The products and services that the user can contract through this website will be governed by the provisions of their respective general conditions of contract, which can be consulted by the user at any time both before and during the contracting process. The prior acceptance of these general conditions is an essential requirement for the contracting of any product or service offered by Explora-Norte. through its website, as it will be duly informed when the time comes.

Access to this website is subject to prior reading and acceptance by any user of the terms contained in this Legal Notice.

The access and subsequent use of this website by the user will imply their agreement expressly, fully and without reservation, with the totality of its content. The aforementioned access is free. If the user does not agree with the content of this Legal Notice must leave this website, unable to access or dispose of the products and services it offers.

The user declares to be of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by the provisions of this Legal Notice. Likewise, it accepts expressly and without exception that access and use of this website takes place under its sole and exclusive responsibility.

Access to this website is free and its viewing does not require prior subscription or registration.

The connections with other web sites that may exist as well as the use that the user may make of them are subject to what is then available as well as any specific conditions that the aforementioned websites require. Any use other than authorized is expressly prohibited.

Explore-Norte. may modify unilaterally, at any time it deems appropriate the configuration of this website, the conditions of the web service itself, make available to users a greater number of products or services to be contracted, reduce their number, suspend them temporarily or definitively, stop providing this web service as well as prevent access to them by trying to inform the user of such change, as long as circumstances so permit, through its publication on the website. (All of this, without prejudice to compliance with the obligations assumed against customers who have contracted products or services through the web)

3. Rights and obligations of Explora-Norte

  • Once the corresponding product and / or service reservations have been formalized, Explora-Norte is obliged to comply with the obligations derived from said reservations, to effectively guarantee the secrecy of the communications that may exist with the user as well as to respond to the claims that could eventually arise.

  • As a web service provider that allows you to contract products and / or services through www.exploranorte.com, in case of carrying out maintenance, repair, update or improvement operations of the web service itself offered to users, Explora-Norte has the right to suspend temporarily and without prior notice the accessibility to this website or the possibility that the user can reserve all or certain products or services for such reason, without prejudice of which will try to put it in the knowledge of the users, always that circumstances allow it. In any case, Explora-Norte must comply with the corresponding obligations derived from the reservations made.

  • The use that users may make of the services and / or data and / or information provided to them through this website will be made at the user's risk. As a web service provider that allows you to contract products and / or services through www.exploranorte.com, Explora-Norte guarantees that the information provided by the products and / or services offered through www.exploranorte.com is correct and, once hired the product or service in question, will be the one that governs the relationship between the parties. On the contrary, Explora-Norte does not guarantee the content provided, where applicable, by third parties, nor does it guarantee the veracity, reliability, accuracy, timeliness or convenience of the information provided for the destination that the users or any other person make of the same Explora-Norte is not responsible for the content or information provided by other websites or third parties to which you can access through existing links on this website.

  • The intellectual property rights over this website are owned by Explora-Norte. The exclusive exercise of the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation belong to the said company.

4. Rights and obligations of the user

  • At all times, the user must make a lawful use of the services of this website in accordance with current legislation, respecting the intellectual property rights of Explora-Norte or third parties. In this sense, the user guarantees that the activities developed through this website will be adapted to the law, morals, public order, good customs and in no case will be offensive to the good name and commercial image of Explora- North or any other member companies of Explora-Norte, for other web users or third parties.

  • The user will not perform through the services provided by Explora-Norte any action that causes damage or alterations of the contents, nor hinder the proper functioning of the website, causing no technical problems of any kind, not transferring elements susceptible to carry computer viruses or damage, interfere or intercept all or part of this website, as well as not intervene or alter the email of other users.

  • The user's responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered, if any for any circumstance, is exclusive, so that in case of providing false or inaccurate information, Explora-Norte reserves the right to prohibit access to this web.

5. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the operation of the website

  • As a provider of the web service that allows you to contract products and / or services through www.exploranorte.com, Explora-Norte does not guarantee the availability and continuity, at all times, of the functioning of this website and of the reservation services that he puts at your disposal. In this way, any liability for damages of any nature that may arise from the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the website and the reservation services that it has and the utility that the users could have been excluded is excluded. attribute to the present website. In any case, Explora-Norte will make its best efforts in order to maintain the continued availability of this website. The foregoing, as already indicated above, refers solely and exclusively to the web service offered by Explora-Norte and is not applicable to the products and / or services that the client may have acquired or to the obligations that such motive correspond to Explora-Norte.

  • Explora-Norte makes available to users the privacy systems of personal data that prevent access to them by third parties. (Explora-Norte's privacy policy) Explora-Norte has implemented all the necessary technical and organizational security measures that guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the personal data provided by the user. In this sense, Explora-Norte disclaims all liability for damages and losses caused in case of such knowledge.

  • Although Explora-Norte has implemented all appropriate measures to guarantee security in this matter and affirms that its website is free of viruses and any other similar element, it does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents of this website, intentionally introduced by third parties, which may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) of the user or in the electronic documents and files stored in your computer system. Explora-Norte disclaims any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the presence of viruses in the contents that may cause alterations in the computer system, electronic documents, files, etc.

  • Explora-Norte has no obligation and does not control the use that users make of this website, services and their contents. In particular, this company does not guarantee that users use this website, its services and its contents in accordance with these General Conditions and, where appropriate, the Particular Conditions that result from its application, or that they do so diligently and prudently.

  • The user accepts that www.exploranorte.com has been created and developed in good faith by Explora-Norte with information from internal and external sources and offers it in its current state to users, responding to the reality and authenticity of the information provided. for its part, but not that which third parties could provide through it. Therefore, the user exonerates Explora-Norte of any responsibility in relation to the reliability, usefulness or false expectation that www.exploranorte.com could produce during its navigation as well as the statements or opinions that, where appropriate, third parties could make products and / or services offered through the web.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

All rights to the content of this website belong to Explora-Norte except those of companies with which it has signed the corresponding contract for the provision of content and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property regulations.

The design, images, maps, graphics, marks, signs, distinctive signs or logos of Explora-Norte, frames, banners, the software and its different codes, source and object, etc. of this website are owned by Explora-Norte, which legitimately possesses exclusive exploitation rights over them.

The logos or distinctive signs of the rest of the member companies of the so-called Explora-Norte and that may appear on this website during the user's browsing are the property of each of them, legitimately legitimizing the exploitation rights over them, expressly consenting to they are incorporated, where appropriate, in this website.

The user accessing this website can not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, assign, sell the aforementioned elements or create new products or services derived from the information obtained.

Only the display and upload is authorized for the personal and non-commercial use of the user, without being able to extend it to third parties or entities.

In the case of graphics or designs that appear on this website owned by Explora-Norte collaborating companies, these conditions shall also apply, unless otherwise agreed.

It is strictly forbidden the alteration of this website by the user and that may affect its content, such as links (or links) and the like.

Explora-Norte will ensure that the contents of this website are not pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist, defamatory or that they do not encourage violence. In the same way, you will try to avoid any circumstance that may be harmful to users.

The images located in the domain explora-norte.com are property of EAN and are protected by copyright laws.


7. Links or hypertext links

No third party may establish a 'framing' relationship between its web pages and this website.

In the event that this website may contain links or links to other portals or websites not managed by Explora-Norte, this company states that it has no control over such portals or web sites, nor is it responsible for the content thereof. . The links that this website may contain will only be offered as informative references, without any kind of assessment of the contents, owners, services or products offered from them.

In any case, Explora-Norte and the companies of the Explora-Norte are exempt from any responsibility in relation to the services provided by said third parties in relation to any claims of any nature and claims that may be filed in relation to them.

8. Nullity and ineffectiveness of the clauses

If any clause of these General Conditions of navigation and use of this website is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, it will affect only that provision or part of it that is null or ineffective subsisting in all other things, the rest of the conditions General and having such provision or the part of it that is affected by not set unless, as essential to these general conditions, had to affect them in a comprehensive.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions of use and navigation of the web www.exploranorte.com as well as any relationship between the user and Explora-Norte will be governed by Spanish legislation. Any litigation arising from the existence or content of these General Conditions or the relations between the user and Explora-Norte will be subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals that legally correspon