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Getxo, city of contrasts

Palaces of the bourgeoisie, nature, heritage, gastronomy...


Getxo is one of the most attractive and striking spaces of Greater Bilbao, a town in movement that lives facing the sea. At 14 kilometers from the urban center of Bilbao, in the historical territory of Bizkaia, Getxo is one of those municipalities that offers us everything we need to know the history and culture of Euskal Herria, the essence of the Basque people.

It is guarded by the majestic Abra bay, it offers us all kinds of experiences: fishing, maritime journeys, gastronomic routes, paragliding ... all kinds of sensations at our fingertips.

The tour begins at Puente Bizkaia, affectionately Puente Colgante. A colossus, which besides being one of the most emblematic buildings of Euskal Herria, represents the most comfortable and practical way to cross the estuary to reach the neighboring towns of Santurtzi or Portugalete. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco similar to the Eiffel Tower and that continues to function as such since 1890. 

Nearby is the beach and all the palaces of the first century mixing with the sea, the mountains and the locals who started in the area and who still live there today. Municipality turned into one of the spaces of luxury more demanded by the high social classes to spend the summer holidays of the beginning of the century.

In the end, the Old Port, the old fishing center. A very picturesque place, where bizkainos gather to enjoy their friends and gastronomy during the summer season. Drinking something on the steps of the Puerto Viejo is a thing that should be done at least once in a lifetime.

The visit ends in the most Bilbao style, we go for pintxos !! (pintxo-pot included in the tour). The pintxo is the 5th essence, an appetizer the size of a bite.

Option 1. Tour Getxo, city of contrasts

Tour from the Bizkaia Bridge, Las Arenas, Neguri and Puerto Viejo. Tasting a pintxo-pote. 

Option 2. Gastronomic tour

During our tour, in which we explained the origin and development of the port, we visited four traditional places to taste the typical pintxos (a kind of Basque version of the tapas), one of the specialties of the fabulous cuisine of the Basque Country.

In this way, we will have the opportunity to integrate fully into the way of life and customs of the people of Bilbao, knowing the old part of the city, as we know the most traditional pintxos and the reason for their origin, among other curiosities.



- Accompanied by an official and local guide

- Small groups

- Taste the traditional pintxo-pote



They are 3 hours entertained

All year

We adapt to all the schedules. 

We propose: 

10.00 am in the morning

11.30 am in the morning

12.00 am in the morning

16.30 pm in the afternoon

18.00 pm in the afternoon


Spanish, English, Basque, French, German, Italian, Greek


  - Gastronomic tour by Getxo